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The following openings are available starting in the 2019-20 Academic Year:


From 1st August 2019

  • Head of Department  (HOD) 
    • Head of Department: IB Science (IBDP Group 4) - with Chemistry, Physics or Biology
  • Teacher (Full-time) 
    • ​​Teacher: English Literature and Language (IBDP Group 1) 
    • Teacher: Design Technology (IBDP Group 4)
  • Social and Emotional Counselor
  • Design & Innovation Center Project Manager
  • Director of Operations

Head of Department (HOD)

From 1st August 2019

Position of Head of Department  (HOD) 


  • Head of Department: IB Science (IBDP Group 4) - with Chemistry, Physics or Biology


Core responsibility


The Head of Department will report directly to the Dean of Studies.


He/she will have overall responsibility for the quality of the academic program and of its delivery within the various academic departments.  A Head of Department is a team leader whose main responsibility is to inspire and to facilitate the best possible teaching and learning in his/her area. He/she should aim to generate an enthusiasm for the subject amongst teachers and students and to promote the subject within the School.


He/she will liaise closely with other HODs to ensure the efficient and dynamic delivery of the IB curriculum.  He/she will also liaise closely with the Deputy Dean of Studies (DP Coordinator) and Deputy Dean of Studies (Head of Foundation Program) to ensure that curriculum, teaching and assessment goals are met and sustained. 

Teacher (Full- time) 

From 1st August 2019

Job Description for the Position of Teacher (Full-time) 


Position of Teacher (Full-time) 


  • Teacher: English Literature and Language (IBDP Group 1)  
  • Teacher: Design Technology (IBDP Group 4)


All teachers at the School share responsibility for the quality of learning and teaching in the School.


Teachers at the School are expected to be highly qualified and experienced professionals in the discipline (s) they teach. Their role as educators at the School extends, however, far beyond the expert delivery of subject material.  UWCs provide a unique holistic learning environment in which faculty members are expected to build positive relationships with students and colleagues in pursuit of the movement’s philosophy and mission ( Teaching Staff are further expected to demonstrate their commitment to the specific UWC China ‘experience’ for students.


Teachers are responsible to the Principal. They will report to, and work with, the relevant Head of Department on all matters concerning the teaching and development of the subject and academic resources, to the Vice Principal (Academics), Dean of Studies and Dean of Student Life on matters pertaining to the broader curriculum and student-related matters, and to the Principal on School policy issues, contracts and employment.

Social and Emotional Counselor

Job Description for the Position of Social and Emotional Counselor (Full-time) 


Person specification

  • The ability to engage with students and to engender enthusiasm for learning is a pre-requisite for teaching at UWC CHANGSHU CHINA.    
  • Candidates should be willing and eager to participate in the five key elements of a UWC CHANGSHU CHINA education: Academic; Pastoral; Service; Activities; Outdoor Education.
  • Expectations include enthusiastic participation in Professional Development, both that which is mandated by the College and that which is identified by the University Advisor.  
  • On average the College expects a yearly contribution of two sessions per week in each season to Activities and/or Service.  
  • Applicants should be enthusiastic about working within a multicultural environment.   Flexibility of approach and a collaborative style are essential.  
  • It should be noted that the College is a dynamic and high energy environment: the rewards are high – but so are the demands on teacher time and engagement.

Design & Innovation Center Project Manager

Job Description for Design & Innovation Center Project Manager

Position Summary:

The Design & Innovation Center Project Manager provides support to the smooth operation of a brand-new Design & Innovation Center at an international school in Changshu. S/he is responsible for managing external relations, projects and providing administrative assistance for the team at Design & Innovation Center.

The position requires strong communication, collaboration, research and problem-solving skills including the ability to respond independently to constant challenges and changes while maintaining discretion and professionalism at all times. Knowledge and experience in Design and Innovation or experience at a Makerspace is an advantage.

Director of Operations

Core responsibility

The successful candidate will be expected to manage the School operations, construction, property maintenance, security, food services and general administration etc. 

How to apply


Please email the following to and indicate the position that you are applying for in the subject line of your email:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae (with three references)

Address: No.88 Kunchenghuxi Road, Changshu, Jiangsu, China.

Application will close on March 31, 2019​.

UWC Changshu China is an equal opportunity employer. UWC-CSC follows an open and equitable principle in employment, considering personal education background, capability and working experience comprehensively in order to recruit excellent and desired candidates. The process of recruiting staff will include thorough reference checks, and be rigorous, fair and in compliance with all relevant PRC regulations.